Welcome to KartON Jewelry & Beads

I admit!!
I´m addicted to beads!
If I can´t bead every day something´s missing.

In this pages you can read a little about me, my jewelrys and my classes. I wish to inspire you a little to try Bead Embroidery.

Want learn some new techniques? Do you already know some techniques but want to get a fun project in a smart kit? Maybe you should try BEADMONSTERS a site I´ve opened together with MiSANSWEDEN. Our goal is to make fun, instructiv and creative patterns and kit in Swedish. Take a look. Why not give a new kit to a beading friend or your self?!

If you want to buy one of my jewelry you will find them at Beadmonsters "Färdiga smycken/KartON" If you can´t find what your looking for, don´t hesitate to contact me and we can discuss it.

New classes is coming up this fall at Medborgarskolan. If you´re interested you´re welcome to contact Medborgarskolan.If the classes doesn´t suite you, you are welcome to contact me for a private class.

Thanks for looking!

PUSS the biggest beading convent this fall. Follow us in the blogg.